Book 13: The Teeth

One death is just the beginning.

Corrie, Edie, and Dawn are awakened to terrible news: a student has been killed on campus. They instantly suspect a faerie killer—but with no evidence and no suspects, it’s difficult to come to any conclusions. Among the other students, rumors swirl. Why is no one investigating this death? Why was the dead girl so reclusive? Where are the police, her family, any suspects?

It’s finally time to ask the questions they have been unable to ask for years. Answers come with difficulty… but, in time, they come.

When all is known and the dust is settled, will this death be the end of Chatoyant College?

Prologue: Failure
Chapter 1: Awake
Chapter 2: Attendance
Chapter 3: Located
Chapter 4: Speculation
Chapter 5: Thick and Deep
Chapter 6: Potluck Breakfast
Chapter 7: Fog Party, Part II
Chapter 8: Doldrums
Chapter 9: The Victim
Chapter 10: Motivations
Chapter 11: Rumors and Speculation
Chapter 12: Distance Sight
Chapter 13: Testing Abilities
Chapter 14: Threads of Magic
Chapter 15: Air Currents
Chapter 16: The Farthest Air
Chapter 17: Cold Spot
Chapter 18: Discussion
Chapter 19: Catching Up
Chapter 20: Outside
Chapter 21: Water
Chapter 22: Unraveling
Chapter 23: Requirements
Chapter 24: Studying on a Saturday
Chapter 25: Golden Evening
Chapter 26: Other Friends
Chapter 27: One Week
Chapter 28: Humidity
Chapter 29: The Whole Story
Chapter 30: Questions and Chocolate
Chapter 31: Number Two
Chapter 32: Missing Messages
Chapter 33: Coverup
Chapter 34: Accepted
Chapter 35: Scheduling
Chapter 36: Trying Trance
Chapter 37: The Past and the Present
Chapter 38: Trust
Chapter 39: The Old Chairs
Chapter 40: Into Danger
Chapter 41: Be Careful
Chapter 42: Plans
Chapter 43: Pancakes
Chapter 44: It All Happened Very Quickly
Chapter 45: The Connection
Chapter 46: Healing
Chapter 47: Suspicion
Chapter 48: Disruption
Chapter 49: Exploration
Chapter 50: Night Vision
Chapter 51: Winding Down
Chapter 52: Survivors
Chapter 53: Meg’s Story
Chapter 54: Empathy
Chapter 55: Bodies
Chapter 56: Intended Victims
Chapter 57: On His Own
Chapter 58: Bait
Chapter 60: Safety
Chapter 61: Eavesdropping
Chapter 62: The Future
Chapter 63: Interrupted
Chapter 64: An Actual Plan
Chapter 65: Backup
Chapter 66: The Magical Net
Chapter 67: Revenge
Chapter 68: Be There
Chapter 69: Normal Families
Chapter 70: Drama
Chapter 71: Introductions
Chapter 72: Plan B
Chapter 73: Preparations
Chapter 74: Positioning
Chapter 75: Waiting
Chapter 76: Movement
Chapter 77: No Chance
Chapter 78: Good and Trapped
Chapter 79: Tension
Chapter 80: A Hundred Visions
Chapter 81: Keeping Us Safe
Chapter 82: Telling
Chapter 83: Last Day
Chapter 84: Home Cooking
Chapter 85: The Assembly
Chapter 86: We Have Been Here
Chapter 87: Options
Chapter 88: Working
Chapter 89: The Truth
Chapter 90: Goodbye

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