Book 13: The Teeth

One death is just the beginning.

Corrie, Edie, and Dawn are awakened to terrible news: a student has been killed on campus. They instantly suspect a faerie killer—but with no evidence and no suspects, it’s difficult to come to any conclusions. Among the other students, rumors swirl. Why is no one investigating this death? Why was the dead girl so reclusive? Where are the police, her family, any suspects?

It’s finally time to ask the questions they have been unable to ask for years. Answers come with difficulty… but, in time, they come.

When all is known and the dust is settled, will this death be the end of Chatoyant College?

Prologue: Failure
Chapter 1: Awake
Chapter 2: Attendance
Chapter 3: Located
Chapter 4: Speculation
Chapter 5: Thick and Deep
Chapter 6: Potluck Breakfast
Chapter 7: Fog Party, Part II
Chapter 8: Doldrums
Chapter 9: The Victim