Chatoyant College

Chatoyant College is my ongoing serial fantasy novel about life at the only institution in the United States to have a magic major. Book 13: The Teeth has new chapters currently being posted every Monday and Thursday right here on the website as well as on Wattpad!

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Book 1: New Student Orientation (or on Wattpad)
Corrie, Edie, and Dawn are just starting at Chatoyant College, and expect their biggest challenge to be classes, with making new friends a possible second. But a mysterious scream somewhere on their floor leads to the discovery that a student has vanished.

Book 2: Initiates (or on Wattpad)
Classes have finally started for the girls, but Dawn gets a shock when she discovers that the faeries aren’t content to lurk in the woods and occasionally kidnap students–one of them is teaching the magic class that she and Corrie are taking. Professor Lal seems trustworthy, but is that even in a faerie’s nature? Meanwhile, Edie makes a pesky new friend, and another mysterious scream occurs.

Book 3: The Inner Circle (or on Wattpad)
Corrie has convinced Edie to learn more about paganism, and the two of them join the campus’s only club for pagan students, Circle of the Goddess. They’ve heard bad things about it, and it does seem odd that only female students are allowed, but the leaders seem friendly. At the same time, Corrie’s ex-boyfriend, Paul, is becoming even more threatening.

Book 4: The Flicker (or on Wattpad)
Life at Chatoyant College finally seems to be settling down for the girls. They all have great people to date and they’re making lots of friends. But when Corrie, Edie, and Annie are assigned to a group project by their absurd teacher, a new mystery crops up. One of their fellow students has an illusion on him. What does he have to hide? And is there something more sinister going on?

Book 5: Parents’ Weekend (or on Wattpad)
It’s time for the students’ families to visit and see how their children are getting along at their new school. But it’s the girls who learn much more than they bargained for.

Dawn’s parents bring along her Aunt Pru, who attended Chatoyant College herself. She has a surprise for Dawn—but Dawn is a lot less happy to hear it than she hoped. Corrie gets a visit from her mom and grandmother, but wasn’t there a father in the picture at some point? Edie’s parents bring her bubbe, and they’re all delighted to meet Leila, who is gracious and perfect… but maybe a little bit too perfect.

The secrets get deeper with every day that passes, and one of them may be in more danger than anyone could have thought.

Book 6: In the Orchard (or on Wattpad)
As Corrie, Dawn, and Edie probe the secrets of Chatoyant College, they find themselves falling ever deeper and deeper. Edie keeps disappearing, and when Corrie and Dawn look for her, they find things that might not want to be found. Is she being used and manipulated? Or is she really helping willingly? And just how far will Leila go to keep her secret?

Book 7: Upon What Soil (or on Wattpad)
As Edie falls deeper into her relationship with Leila, her friends worry about her. The revelation about her girlfriend doesn’t bother her—but they wonder what there has been to hide. At the same time, they have concerns of their own. Strange dreams torment Annie; Corrie’s usually even keel is bumpier than ever; and something happens to Dawn at a party that none of them can fully explain.

What’s wrong with the food? What’s getting into Annie’s head? And who is that in the woods?

Book 8: From the Earth (or on Wattpad)
Corrie and Dawn have reached their goal at last: their magic class with Professor Lal has moved from learning the theory of magic to learning how to actually wield it. Of course, new challenges lie ahead of them. Dawn can’t get her magic started, while Corrie can’t keep hers under control. Meanwhile, Edie keeps wandering off…

Book 9: Sundered (or on Wattpad–currently updating!)
It’s the end of the semester at Chatoyant College, but that doesn’t mean Corrie, Edie, and Dawn have time to do nothing but focus on their finals. A few mysteries still remain about the book that was given to them, and Corrie is determined not to leave for the winter without releasing her ex-boyfriend, Paul, from the binding spell that was put on him against her wishes. Now that she knows how magic works, it’s not hard to disentangle the spell from the two of them… but her entanglement with Paul is far from at an end.

Meanwhile, Edie’s girlfriend is acting very strangely indeed—as is the faerie court. When winter falls, what will be sundered and what remains?

Book 10: Missing Pieces
Spring semester should mean a fresh start, but spring grows out of winter, and some things are still frozen in place.

Edie is finally starting to learn magic, taking the Introduction to Magic class with human Professor Virginia Agnew. But that doesn’t mean everything has changed for her. Edie left something behind in fall semester—her girlfriend, Leila, a faerie who vanished toward the end of the year, abandoning Edie to her memories. One of those memories has sparked a quest: Edie now knows that she is part faerie, and while her family believes that her great-grandmother is dead, she’s not so certain.

That isn’t her only quest, or even her main one. She’s been told Leila is in Faerie, and she’s determined to find her there. But is that good, wise, or even possible?

Someone else has a quest, too, or so it seems. Who is tearing up campus looking for fragments of a document, and why?

Meanwhile, Corrie and Dawn are eagerly expanding their magical knowledge with more advanced classes. Derwen has a new persona and a new project. Professor Strega… well, what is going on with Professor Strega, anyway?

Book 11: The Treaty
Dawn and Edie run into a surprise when Professor Strega, who helped them last semester, now asks for their help. They have special abilities, she says—but what could two human (all right, mostly human) students be able to do that Professor Strega’s faerie and magic professor peers can’t help her with?

But they know the other professors love to keep secrets. And when Professor Strega agrees to a trade, seeking information on Edie’s mysterious faerie great-grandmother, they decide to go ahead and try. If it’s true that they can help in ways that no one else can, then trying to help is only the right thing to do.

The secrets are hidden well, though, and doubts creep in when they turn to dark corners they never hoped to seek and go down paths they would rather avoid forever…

Book 12: Reemergence (on this website, or on Wattpad)
Spring has begun in earnest, and Leila–Edie’s girlfriend, the dryad–is finally returning from her long disappearance. But she doesn’t return to the same Chatoyant College that she remembers. There’s a new barrier around campus, and the magic is working… differently.

The changes in the magic don’t just affect Leila. Everywhere, students–humans, faeries, and the others as well–are finding that things don’t work quite the same way they’re used to, and some of them come to Corrie, Edie, and Dawn for help. But what can the girls do when there’s no turning the change back?

Book 13: The Teeth (on this website, or on Wattpad)
One death is just the beginning.

Corrie, Edie, and Dawn are awakened to terrible news: a student has been killed on campus. They instantly suspect a faerie killer—but with no evidence and no suspects, it’s difficult to come to any conclusions.

Among the other students, rumors swirl. Why is no one investigating this death? Why was the dead girl so reclusive? Where are the police, her family, any suspects? It’s finally time for the students to ask the questions they have been unable to ask for years. Answers come with difficulty… but, in time, they come.

When all is known and the dust is settled, will this death be the end of Chatoyant College?

Book 14: Ghost Stories (on this website, or on Wattpad)
Chatoyant College reopens in the fall with a very changed landscape. Faeries all over now disdain to hide themselves with glamours. The students who remain are the brave, the desperate, and the knowing. The professors do their best to arm them with the knowledge they need, but sometimes their best isn’t good enough. Corrie, Edie, and Dawn think they know what to expect from their supernatural school, but even they are not always prepared for what happens when Roe’s visions come to light.

This time, it’s Annie who is most affected as something disturbs her sleep, waking her at all hours of the night and exhausting her. At the same time, she must reckon with seeing the last person she would ever expect—or want—to see at the front of her magic classroom… as well as seeking the courage to open her heart.

Her friends want to rescue her, as they did once before, but some traps are not made to be escaped.