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Winter's ConsortWinter’s Consort

The woods hide wolves. But Nadine never believed that. She meets the gorgeous, mysterious Connor and immediately finds a strange connection to him. When they meet, time and memory slips away. Frightened but still attracted, Nadine tries to put him out of her mind, only to find him again at the edge of the woods.

Worse things than wolves lurk there. When those worse things find her… they may not let her go.

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Golden Hearts
The last thing Sher expects when she heads out on a mission for the Revolution is to fall in love. But she has a power that doesn’t let her rest: she can see the connections between people, whatever they may be, and as soon as she meets the inventor Melowren they fall in love. Despite the fact that they’re different species, despite the fact that one can fly and the other is afraid of heights, despite the fact that war is about to break out any day: they’ve found each other, and they’ll cling together.

Melowren joins the Revolution, but the fight against the tyrannous queen is only the beginning of their problems. Between those they trust and those they shouldn’t, those who trust them and those who won’t, all Sher and Mel can do is hold onto each other for dear life.

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solitary-areSolitary Star (A Star to Guide Her, Book 1)

The magic and secrets of the stars

When Noemi’s father dies, leaving her an orphan, her unpleasant relatives don’t waste any time before shipping her off to a poor, out-of-the-way boarding school. For Noemi, that turns out to be the best thing they could ever do for her—and the worst. She learns of the powerful magic at her command… and of the danger that threatens her, simply because of the star that guides her. Many people would like to control or destroy her, and she cannot tell who to trust.

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wandering-areWandering Star (A Star to Guide Her, Book 2)

Her true destiny—or doom—revealed

Noemi and her friends escape from a killer who wants to use her unique powers, but that doesn’t mean freedom—or safety. Their only hope is one woman who claims to have known Noemi’s mother. With only a name to go on and the killer on their trail, they travel the country in search of aid, hiding from those who would stop them and searching for the truth. But when Noemi finds it, how will she recognize it?

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pole-arePole Star (A Star to Guide Her, Book 3)

Do the stars control her destiny, or does she control the stars?

Noemi can’t trust her teachers, she can’t trust history, and she certainly can’t trust her family. She puts her faith in her friends and traveling companions—and her mother, who left her nothing but magical powers and a mysterious book. When the government takes her into protective custody, she hopes to gain the king’s support—but it all goes wrong, sending Noemi and her friends on the run again, trying to keep ahead of their enemies until the day when everything must change. One choice will be her liberation… or her destruction.

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Journey, Meant to BeJourney, Meant to Be

Lavender is a boy. He knows it, but no one else seems to–until he goes to the witch. She understands, and her magic can give him what he needs, but she demands payment: he must accompany her and her son on a dangerous journey, across the mountains to another country. He is willing to do anything for the body he’s always longed for, but he does not know how the journey will change him.

This edition includes an ebook exclusive epilogue.

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wherehebelongs-smallWhere He Belongs

Tuga enjoys his new life with his father and his new home in Atash. But when he travels to the capital city to begin his training, things shift again. He doesn’t fit in with the other boys—too old, too strange, too uneducated. He begins to fear that he will never become the son his father needs. He tries to find his way, but no one seems to understand his problems, and so he strives alone. Until his bravery finds him a friend.

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changeling-smallThe Christmas Changeling

Elaine, Dominic, and baby Mackenzie are the happiest family in the world–until Mackenzie starts to act strangely. The doctor can’t find anything wrong, but their neighbor Ken discovers the truth: Mackenzie has been replaced by a changeling.

Now all they have to do is get her back.

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