Book 12: Reemergence

Edie’s faerie girlfriend, Leila, has finally returned from Faerie, where she’d vanished to over the winter. But she’s returning to a very different Chatoyant College now that Elrath has abdicated as king and changed the way to magic works. While Edie tries to convince Leila to stay, she also has to deal with the way her theater classmates are treating her. Things are getting a bit more serious between Corrie and her casual date, Charlie, the RA, and Dawn… well, she just has to deal with Elrath failing to understand the changes he has wrought.

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Prologue: Awake
Chapter 1: The Morning
Chapter 2: Vision
Chapter 3: Never Before
Chapter 4: Stories Untold
Chapter 5: A Real Conversation
Chapter 6: The Long Story
Chapter 7: Complications
Chapter 8: Okay
Chapter 9: Free Food
Chapter 10: The Guard
Chapter 11: Distraction
Chapter 12: Coming True
Chapter 13: The Djanaea Story
Chapter 14: Morning Light
Chapter 15: Breakfast
Chapter 16: The Sisters
Chapter 17: That Christy Girl
Chapter 18: Hiding in the Library
Chapter 19: Study Date
Chapter 20: Springtime
Chapter 21: Counselor
Chapter 22: Meeting
Chapter 23: In Nature
Chapter 24: Being a Student
Chapter 25: Sharing Notes
Chapter 26: Losing Control
Chapter 27: Progress
Chapter 28: Smoothing
Chapter 29: Bargains
Chapter 30: The Way It Was
Chapter 31: Pass It On
Chapter 32: Changing Attitudes
Chapter 33: The Orchard
Chapter 34: Tell Me
Chapter 35: The Practical Portion
Chapter 36: Candles
Chapter 37: The Flame
Chapter 38: Settling In
Chapter 39: Touch
Chapter 40: Questions
Chapter 41: I’ve Done Everything
Chapter 42: Incomplete Messages
Chapter 43: The Best Outcome
Chapter 44: Dorms
Chapter 45: So Many Choices
Chapter 46: Sayer
Chapter 47: The Corner Room
Chapter 48: April Showers
Chapter 49: Soaking
Chapter 50: Squelch
Chapter 51: Connected to Nature
Chapter 52: Fun in the Rain
Chapter 53: Soft Afternoon
Chapter 54: The Open Gates
Chapter 55: Trust
Chapter 56: The Tree
Chapter 57: Gone