Winter’s Consort now available everywhere

Winter's Consort
The woods hide wolves. But Nadine never believed that. She meets the gorgeous, mysterious Connor and immediately finds a strange connection to him. When they meet, time and memory slips away. Frightened but still attracted, Nadine tries to put him out of her mind, only to find him again at the edge of the woods.

Worse things than wolves lurk there. When those worse things find her… they may not let her go.

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Winter’s Consort available for preorder

Winter’s Consort is now available everywhere that permits preorders! As of just a few days ago, that includes Amazon!

Amazon US Amazon UK Smashwords B&N Kobo iBooks

So if you like my work or if you’re just looking for a new, fun fantasy/romance novella, preorder it today. It will be automatically delivered to you on its official publication date, August 26.

Don’t worry–I’ll post again when it’s officially available!


The Ursulan Cycle

In addition to writing novellas and novels that are then released as ebooks, as some of you may know, I write short fiction (often not particularly self-contained) that I post either for free or for sponsorship on my Dreamwidth journal. Lately I’ve been posting pieces from a new story world: the Ursulan Cycle. This is a gender-swapped version of the Arthurian legends, and it’s an open-source world–anyone can come and play!

I thought I’d link my first two pieces here where more people might see them.

The Shield in the Flame

New Story

Coming Soon: Winter’s Consort!

Winter's Consort

I don’t have a date scheduled because it depends on what my personal schedule is going to be like–especially whether or not I get a job in the next couple of weeks–but Winter’s Consort is almost ready to go and will be published soon! This is a little different than anything I’ve published before in that it is much more a romance than anything else. But don’t worry–Nadine has some exciting fantasy adventures right along with falling in love. I hope you’ll all enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!