Book 14: Ghost Stories

Chatoyant College reopens in the fall with a very changed landscape. Faeries all over now disdain to hide themselves with glamours. The students who remain are the brave, the desperate, and the knowing. The professors do their best to arm them with the knowledge they need, but sometimes their best isn’t good enough. Corrie, Edie, and Dawn think they know what to expect from their supernatural school, but even they are not always prepared for what happens when Roe’s visions come to light.

This time, it’s Annie who is most affected as something disturbs her sleep, waking her at all hours of the night and exhausting her. At the same time, she must reckon with seeing the last person she would ever expect—or want—to see at the front of her magic classroom… as well as seeking the courage to open her heart.

Her friends want to rescue her, as they did once before, but some traps are not made to be escaped.

Chapter 1: Move-In Day
Chapter 2: Horns, Eyes, Teeth
Chapter 3: Return to Gilkey
Chapter 4: Reassurances
Chapter 5: Mandatory
Chapter 6: Which Yet Survive
Chapter 7: Tarot Decks
Chapter 8: Freedom
Chapter 9: Crushing
Chapter 10: The New Teacher
Chapter 11: Glamour
Chapter 12: Human-Looking
Chapter 13: Questions
Chapter 14: How to Protect Yourself
Chapter 15: The Best Way to Defend Yourself
Chapter 16: Magic People
Chapter 17: See Her Coming
Chapter 18: Help
Chapter 19: Haunted
Chapter 20: Strange Noises
Chapter 21: Candle Magic
Chapter 22: Violent or Passionate
Chapter 23: Do Something
Chapter 24: In Shock
Chapter 25: Some Time
Chapter 26: Investigating
Chapter 27: Hanging Around