Chatoyant College is Clare K. R. Miller’s serial fantasy novel. A new chapter is published every Monday and Thursday, and previous books are available to download for pay-as-you-wish at Smashwords!

Currently publishing: Book 12, Reemergence. Edie’s faerie girlfriend, Leila, has finally returned from Faerie, where she’d vanished to over the winter. But she’s returning to a very different Chatoyant College now that Elrath has abdicated as king and changed the way to magic works. While Edie tries to convince Leila to stay, she also has to deal with the way her theater classmates are treating her. Things are getting a bit more serious between Corrie and her casual date, Charlie, the RA, and Dawn… well, she just has to deal with Elrath failing to understand the changes she has wrought.

Clare K. R. Miller is a writer of urban and secondary-world fantasy and science fiction for teens and adults.


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