Chatoyant College, Chatoyant College Book 12: Reemergence

Chatoyant College Book 12: Chapter 48: April Showers

Saturday, April 29

Edie woke slowly that Saturday, wondering as she did so why it seemed so dark and cold. She blinked and sat up as she awakened all the way, still confused. Had she woken up really early? It was still dark.

But when she looked behind her, she understood. It was raining, a heavy, soaking spring rain. She grimaced. The ground was going to be churned to mud, and while she always made a point of staying on the paths anyway, she didn’t want to get soaked. Maybe she could just stay in all day. It wasn’t like she had anywhere to go, except the dining hall, and she had snacks in her room.

But what if Leila had left her a note under the rock? She would have to go outside at least once to check it.

Edie got up on her knees and leaned close against the window, trying to see whether there was anything moving outside. But she could only see a few yards to the edge of the trees; they were all fully in leaf now, most of the ones with flowers having lost them, and she couldn’t see anywhere near the ground through the tree canopies. In the grass between Gilkey and the woods, there was nothing.

She wondered what kind of view she would have out her window next year. They had turned out to be lucky, this year, having a window that looked out on the woods. But even if they had that again in Sayer next year, it would be a different part of the woods. There might not be anything worth looking for there.

Though she’d only seen Leila come out of the woods once from this window, and it might never happen again.

The door opened, and Edie turned to see Corrie entering, a towel wrapped around herself as usual when she returned from her morning shower. “Good morning,” she said cheerfully, heading for her closet.

“You’re in a good mood,” Edie said, sliding down so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Did the rain just start?”

“No, it was raining when I got out there,” Corrie said, her voice echoing slightly from within the closet. “I’m just happy now that I’ve had a nice hot shower. But the rain is nice. It’s good for the plants, anyway.”

“That’s true,” Edie said. She started looking around for clothes, something to wear that wouldn’t get totally soaked. Of course, she pretty much only wore jeans and they were all too long for her, but maybe if she tucked them into her shoes she would be all right.

“Do you want to brave the elements again to get breakfast?” she asked Corrie as she dressed and kept an eye out for her boots.

“Yes.” Corrie had come out of the closet, and Edie heard the squeak of springs as she sat on her bed. “I’m hungry and I think I only have some dried fruit left. I guess we should take another grocery shopping trip.”

“I’ll go with you whenever you want. I do have some crackers and peanut butter still, but I want to go outside anyway to check under the rock for a note from Leila.” Edie located her boots and sat on her own bed to put them on.

Corrie grimaced and looked out the window. “I hope she hasn’t tried to leave you a note. Anything under a rock out there is probably getting pulverized.”

Edie’s stomach twisted a little. “Well, I have to check anyway.”

“I’m not going to stop you. But I will stand over you with my umbrella.” Corrie grinned, then bounced to her feet. “I’ll go see if Dawn or anybody else is up for breakfast with us.”

Edie couldn’t help smiling at Corrie as she left, though she often wondered how Corrie managed to have so much energy. Not only did she have enough energy to go for runs every day, she was constantly moving and coming up with ideas. Edie wished she could be the same.

Once her shoes were on, she grabbed her jacket and Corrie’s umbrella and headed out to the hall. Corrie was at the end, standing in front of Roe’s door. Edie started to walk toward her and Corrie turned and waved. “Dawn and Annie are getting ready to join us,” Corrie said. “Well, Dawn went down to see if Rico and Duncan want to come along. And Roe is not answering her door.” She frowned slightly.

“She’s probably just sleeping,” Edie said. “Nobody else is energetic in the morning like you.”

“I know.” Corrie sighed. “I keep wanting to ask her about how things went with Link, talking about his treaty with the faeries, but I forget when we’re actually with her.”

Edie smiled. Maybe there were drawbacks to Corrie’s boundless energy. “I’ll try to remind you next time we see her.”

Annie came out of her room and waved to them. Corrie glanced at Roe’s door again, then shrugged and headed for the stairs. Edie and Annie followed her down to the fourth floor. “I’m going to see if Derwen wants to come,” Edie said. “Meet you a floor down.” She handed Corrie’s umbrella off to her, then trotted off down the steps.


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  1. Oh, nice weather 😛

    Well, how will Edie be able to check for Leila’s message, when all the others are with her?

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