Chatoyant College, Chatoyant College Book 12: Reemergence

Chatoyant College Book 12: Chapter 45: So Many Choices

Dawn knocked on the door and heard Corrie call, “Come in.” When she entered, she was pleased to see that Corrie and Edie were in, and no one else was visiting them.

As she shut the door behind herself, she remembered the many times that she’d been in here just to talk to the two of them—that either she’d come in while specifically avoiding others, or they’d been hanging out in a larger group and she’d deliberately stayed behind just to have a private conversation with the two of them. There had even been a few times when they had come into her dorm room to have a private conversation with her, when Naomi was out.

Of course, at times she had wanted to talk privately with Corrie without Edie around, or vice versa, but Dawn couldn’t remember any times when she’d wanted to talk to either Corrie or Edie specifically with another friend or group of friends. She hoped they liked her idea. They were her best friends, and a triple with the two of them was the most comfortable living arrangement she could come up with other than single rooms for all of them.

Then again, they could come up with a different idea, and it might be even better.

“What’s up, Dawn?” Corrie asked, turning in her chair. “Did you see the email they just sent out about dorm selections?”

“Yeah,” Dawn said, smiling. She glanced at each side of the room, wondering where to sit, and picked the foot of Corrie’s bed this time. “That’s actually what I came here to talk about.”

She sat on the bed. This would be a lot easier if they had a proper triple setup. She wasn’t sure exactly how triples were organized, except that with the three of them assigned to one room, they would each have their own chair.

“Dorm selections?” Edie said with a frown, looking up from her desk. “We have to decide?”

“Yeah, go look at the email,” Corrie said.

“I hadn’t thought about it until I saw the email, either,” Dawn said as Edie turned to her computer. “But we have to pick where we want to live, how many roommates we want to have, and who our roommates should be.”

“Oh, we should all be roommates, of course,” Edie said.

Dawn grinned and looked quickly at Corrie. “That’s kind of what I was thinking.”

Corrie grinned, too. “That’s a perfect solution. Can we do that? Do we have to gather a group for a suite in Hickory? I bet Roe and Annie would be up for that.”

“We could list that as an option,” Dawn said, though she didn’t think it was a good idea to have Annie and Edie living in the same dorm. If they never dated, it would be torture for Annie until she got over Edie. And if they did date, they would have the same risk that she had thought of with Rico.

“Don’t they have triples?” Edie said. “This email doesn’t have a lot of information.”

“The site has a list of all the different kinds of dorms that are available,” Dawn said. “And yeah, Gilkey and Sayer have triples.”

“That seems like a good plan to me,” Corrie said.

“I don’t know if I want to keep living in Gilkey,” Edie said.

Corrie nodded. “But are the dorms in Sayer any better?”

“We could go check them out,” Dawn said. “At least look in the building, and maybe someone with a triple will show us what their room is like. I don’t know anyone who lives there, do you?”

“No,” Corrie said. “But that’s a good sign. We know mostly freshmen, so if it’s upperclassmen that live in Sayer, it’s probably a nicer dorm.”

“We have to list three options,” Edie said. She turned to face them. “So if we like Sayer, we should list that as our first choice, a triple in Gilkey as our second, and I guess singles as our third, if there aren’t triples anywhere else.”

“Just those two buildings,” Dawn said. “Where would we pick for singles?”

“What dorms have singles?” Corrie asked. “Gilkey doesn’t, except for the RA suites.”

“Mary Thomas and Sayer,” Dawn said. “Mary Thomas is all singles, but I don’t know if we really want to live there.”

“It might be a good place for protection,” Edie said, frowning. “But I don’t think I’d be comfortable, even if Elrath is about to graduate.”

“If he lives there, other faeries can certainly get in,” Corrie said, raising her eyebrows. “We couldn’t count on the iron for protection.”

Dawn nodded. “Okay, we’ll check out Sayer, and if we like it, we’ll put it down as our option for singles.”

“Let’s go!” Corrie bounced to her feet. “Though I’m warning you, if we do get put in singles, I’m going to be coming over your dorms every single day. I will get too bored on my own.”

Edie beamed at her. “I would expect nothing less.”


3 thoughts on “Chatoyant College Book 12: Chapter 45: So Many Choices”

  1. Wow, they really are sold on that idea 😀

    I wonder how that will work out?

    PS: typo suspected (not really sure though, since it could work like you put it, depends on what you meant):
    We know mostly freshmen, so if it’s upperclassmen that live in Sayer, it’s probably a nicer dorm.”
    => most => We know most freshmen…

    1. Not a typo–Corrie means that most of the people they know are freshmen, not that they know the majority of the freshman class. They probably have met the majority of the freshman class, but they don’t know them well enough to ask what dorm they live in!

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