Chatoyant College, Chatoyant College Book 13: The Teeth

Chatoyant College Book 13: Chapter 23: Requirements

Edie piled spinach, olives, and red peppers on her pasta to accompany the sauce and Parmesan cheese, then decided that was enough. If she was still hungry when she’d finished this, she would make herself get a small salad.

She sat at the table and ate alone for a few moments—it was really good—before her friends returned. When Dawn sat down, Edie remembered something else she’d said about her elemental magic class, when she’d learned how good she was at sensing air currents. “What about that cold air current you said you felt on campus?” she asked. “Did Professor Lal know anything about that?”

Dawn frowned. “She didn’t say anything about it in her email. I’d kind of forgotten about it, to be honest. Maybe I should try to sense it again. It was right by the wall, at the south end of campus, so if it has moved that will be interesting.”

“Was it to the east or the west of the gates?” Edie asked, curious.

“The west. Why do you ask?”

Edie nodded. “That’s near where we were learning water magic. Hmm.” She tried to remember whether Ginny had done anything during class other than watch the students and help them, but of course, she hadn’t been paying attention to the professor. She’d been focused on learning her magic. “I didn’t sense anything, but I wasn’t trying to, of course. I wonder if Ginny did. But she can’t have been planning it, because she had us vote on where to sit outside.”

“I wish Professor Lal would have done stuff like that,” Corrie said. “The few times we did any magic outside, it was at a specific place she’d set up ahead of time.”

“We never went outside with Professor Rook,” Annie said.

“Not even for air magic?” Corrie asked her.

Annie shook her head. “He just opened some windows to have us try stronger magic. I don’t think he likes to go outside.”

“It’s too bad when they don’t,” Corrie said. “I’ve had a couple of my other classes outside, but magic classes are the best for it, since there aren’t any papers to fly around and you’re not as likely to get distracted.”

“You could have art classes outside, couldn’t you?” Edie asked.

“I would think, but she never does it, even though a few people have suggested outdoor classes when it’s nice out.” Corrie shrugged. “Anyway, do any of you have fun plans for the weekend?”

“I have an extra rehearsal tomorrow,” Annie said. “The orchestra is going to play at graduation, but it will be a smaller group, without any of the seniors. The director doesn’t think we’re ready yet.”

“That’s still weeks away,” Corrie said.

“Just a few,” Dawn said. “Less than three, isn’t it? And Charlie and Link are both graduating. Anyone else we know?”

Edie knew that Elrath would have been graduating in a few weeks if he hadn’t been killed, but she couldn’t think of anyone else. All her friends were freshmen or sophomores. “I don’t think so.”

“I think a couple of people I used to know in the theater department are graduating,” Corrie said. “Nobody worth sticking around for the ceremony, though.”

“You’re not going to watch Charlie graduate?” Annie asked. “Won’t he miss you?”

“He’s not even sure if he’s going to go to the ceremony,” Corrie said. “They don’t have to actually go in order to graduate, and he thinks it’s kind of a waste of time. I think his mom wants him to go, though. Anyway, I should go home as soon as possible so I can start working. My scholarship pays for tuition, but I have to earn money to pay for my room and board and any fun stuff.”

Edie looked at her plate, feeling a bit guilty. She’d never had a job—her parents said that while she was in school, getting an education was her only job—and was paying for college mostly through them, though she had some loans as well. She wondered whether it was worth it, when she might end up majoring in magic and having no job prospects. Maybe she should look for a summer job this year.

“Is Lorelei not graduating?” Annie asked.

“No, she’s still a junior,” Dawn said. “You don’t have to be a senior to be an RA. Well, I have to spend some time in the library this weekend, not working, because I need more sources for my sociology final paper. Anyone want to join me? It’s always more fun to study together.”

“I will,” Edie said. “I have a bunch of reading to do for my American lit class.”

“You guys have fun with that,” Corrie said. “I’m way ahead on everything.”

“You’re only taking one class that requires any reading,” Edie said.

“That’s not true! One time I had to read something for art class.”

“That’s one of the nice things about magic,” Dawn said. “Once you get past the basics, it’s all practical.”

“I’m not sure about that,” Annie said. “I remember Professor Rook saying that some of the higher-level classes, like Divine Magic, involve a lot of reading.”

“Divine Magic?” Edie said, perking up. “That sounds awesome.”

Corrie poked her. “Leave it to Edie to get excited about the magic class that sounds like it has the most reading.” They all laughed.


8 thoughts on “Chatoyant College Book 13: Chapter 23: Requirements”

  1. Nice time together 😀

    Awww… poor Corrie – Charlie is leaving soon… 😕 *comforts her*

    So, that is what I thought, they ended up at the cold spot – so, nobody thought that it might have been the cold spot preventing Edie to disperse of the water (yet)… 😮

    …maybe the cold spot even influenced the decision to get more magics? 😕

    PS: suspected typo:
    “Anyway, do any of you have fun plans for the weekend?”
    => should that not be does? => “Anyway, does any of you…

    1. Nah, “do any of you have fun plans” is correct, AFAIK. (says the other native German speaker here… 😛 )

        1. No, I don’t think “any” is singular. It could be zero, one, or more than one, and it’s usually treated as plural. Even if that’s correct, I think the verb is based on the “you,” not the “any”!

    2. Edie wasn’t that close to the cold spot–maybe I didn’t describe well enough, but it’s quite small. None of the students were close enough to the wall to touch the cold spot that Dawn sensed.

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