Chatoyant College, Chatoyant College Book 13: The Teeth

Chatoyant College Book 13: Chapter 35: Scheduling

By the end of class, Corrie felt that she had made some progress. She could walk while in trance without breaking the trance immediately—she just had to do it very slowly, and she couldn’t pay much attention to her surroundings while she was doing it. But she was pretty sure that if she kept practicing, she would be able to be in trance while actually doing things (and not tripping) at the same time.

Professor Strega told them all that they were making good progress, and then asked to speak to Corrie, Dawn, and Roe after class. Corrie looked at both Dawn and Roe, confused, but neither of them seemed to know why they had been asked to stay late. Had the professor heard them talking about Roe wanting to reschedule her appointment?

They waited as the rest of the class left, then all three of them approached the professor’s desk together. Professor Strega nodded at them. She looked tired. “First, Roe,” she said. “Would it be acceptable to you to reschedule our appointment that is tonight? I have work somewhat urgent. I will be on campus all this weekend, so perhaps a time more convenient tomorrow or Sunday can be found.”

“That would be great, actually,” Roe said, immediately perking up and smiling. “How about tomorrow around noon?”

“I accept midday,” Professor Strega said. “Come to my office then.”

“Sure,” Roe said. “I was going to ask if we could reschedule anyway. Thanks.”

The professor nodded, then said, “You may go.”

Roe frowned and looked over at Corrie and Dawn. Corrie shrugged at her—she had no idea why Roe couldn’t stay to listen to whatever Professor Strega wanted to talk to them about, but she figured it was usually better not to argue with the magic professors anyway. Roe seemed to think the same thing, because she left quietly.

“Corrie and Dawn.” Professor Strega put her hands flat on her desk and sighed deeply. “You and your friend Edie have been very helpful to this school in the past. We wish to ask your help again. You may refuse—requirement this is not.”

“Of course we’ll help,” Corrie said quickly. If this was about the deaths, offering to help would get them more information—and information was what she really wanted. Even if it wasn’t about the deaths, she was sure she would want to help.

“We’re happy to help as long as it doesn’t interfere with our exams,” Dawn said.

Corrie couldn’t help smiling. Of course Dawn would come up with the practical thing. She had forgotten how quickly final exams were coming up—they were next week. Of course, she didn’t really have exams for most of her classes.

“It should not,” Professor Strega said. “This class has no examination, and you have both done very well. You will have the highest grades.”

“What do you want us to do?” Corrie asked.

“First, bring your friend Edie with yourselves to meet with the magic professors tonight, in the lounge room on the second floor of this building. I believe you all know where that is—Dawn, I have been to that place with you.”

“Yes, we’ve all been there with Professor Lal as well,” Corrie said.

“Very good,” Professor Strega said. “Can you meet us there at seven o’clock?”

“I don’t see why not,” Dawn said. “We’ll have to ask Edie, but she hasn’t said anything about plans tonight.”

Corrie nodded. Last semester, she might have been less confident about Edie’s free time, but since Leila was definitely gone forever now, Edie rarely had anything to do other than hang out with them. Sometimes she hung out with Derwen instead, which was good—Corrie didn’t like hanging around with Derwen that much, and it gave Edie something to do when she was with Charlie and Dawn was with Rico.

“Do you really just want the three of us?” she asked. “I’m sure that whatever you want help with, Roe would be useful as well, and maybe some other people, like the RAs.” Surely if this had to do with a faerie or something else killing people on campus, Roe, with her visions, would be extremely helpful. Not to mention Charlie, their Resident Assistant Werewolf.

Professor Strega shook her head. “We have all agreed to ask for you three only, for the time being. We wish to keep this as quiet as possible, so please do not make mention to anyone else.”

“Okay,” Corrie said, but she hoped they would be able to tell other people soon.

“So this is with all the magic professors?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, we are all concerned. I will see you tonight, then?”

They agreed and left the room, not speaking again until they were most of the way down the hall.

“Do you think this is about the deaths?” Corrie said.

“It has to be,” Dawn said. “Why else would it be today?” She grimaced. “I was going to try to make a bargain with her, but if it’s all the magic professors, that isn’t going to work. So you didn’t screw anything up like I thought you did.”

Corrie snorted. “Thanks, I think.”


3 thoughts on “Chatoyant College Book 13: Chapter 35: Scheduling”

  1. Wow, surprise 🙂

    I hope they can help 😀 – …and I guess it is about the murders – or to keep them distracted from them… 😉

    Uh, screwed up? is there something I have forgotten? or just simply do not get? 😮

      1. Ah, yeah, that is true – I did not think of them wanting to bargain some favors… 😮

        But they should… maybe get some more information… 😀

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