Chatoyant College, Chatoyant College Book 13: The Teeth

Chatoyant College Book 13: Chapter 80: A Hundred Visions

Sunday, May 28

Dawn took a deep breath of the air as soon as she stepped outside. After last night’s rain, everything felt and smelled fresh, like it was early spring again, even though it was almost summer. The air was warm, but not hot. And, of course, the threat to everyone living on campus had finally been removed.

She squeezed Rico’s hand, and he squeezed back, giving her a fond smile. They were walking to the dining hall with Corrie, Edie, Roe, and Annie. It was time for one last relaxed brunch before summer break—tomorrow, Monday, would be their last day on campus, and brunch would not be available.

The six of them found a table easily, even though this was usually the busiest time for brunch. Of course, there was nothing to keep people who weren’t graduating on campus until tomorrow, except for grades, and if you weren’t in a hurry to find out whether you’d passed all your classes, you could wait for them to be mailed out.

Dawn wasn’t worried about having failed any of her classes, but she wanted to stay on campus as long as she could regardless. It would be a long summer break away from Rico and her friends—though she hoped they could visit each other.

When they’d all gotten their food and sat back down at the table, Dawn noticed how cheerful Roe looked. Of course, Annie had been complaining for weeks that Roe wasn’t getting enough sleep and wasn’t doing anything about it, but Dawn hadn’t really noticed the difference until now. Roe looked back to normal.

“I guess that vision about the teeth has finally gone away,” Dawn said to Roe.

Roe nodded vigorously. “It’s not waking me up in the middle of the night anymore. I haven’t had it since yesterday. I guess I hadn’t realized how often it was interrupting me.”

“I told you that you needed to do something about it,” Annie said. They’d told her, Rico, and Duncan that morning that the killer had been caught.

“I guess it wasn’t me that needed to do something, though,” Roe said. “I don’t even know if the vision helped, since it didn’t have any details.”

“When did you start having it?” Corrie asked.

“Last month,” Roe said. “I checked my dream journal yesterday, actually, because I remembered being unsure whether it was a dream or a vision. Usually visions are much clearer and more interesting than this one was. But I didn’t start having it every day until this month.”

“Someone should have listened when you started having it every day,” Edie said. “I guess I don’t know what they would have done, but it seems obvious now that the repetition meant it was something serious.”

Roe nodded. “I need to pay more attention to when my visions disturb my sleep, too. It seems like that only happens when they’re really serious visions.”

“So no serious visions last night?” Dawn asked.

“I did have a vision, but it must not have been as important, since it didn’t wake me up,” Roe said, cutting her French toast with her fork. “But I guess that makes sense. It was just Professor Lal standing on the stage of the auditorium, talking to the audience.”

“That makes sense,” Corrie said. “She’s probably going to say something to the graduating class, or maybe to everyone. Isn’t there supposed to be an assembly for all the students tomorrow?”

“I didn’t hear about that,” Rico said.

“I did,” Dawn said. “I think a couple of my professors mentioned it. It’s not really mandatory, but they said we should definitely go if we’re not leaving campus too early. I guess it’s just for the professors to say goodbye to the students and make sure they don’t forget everything over the summer.”

“The only weird thing was that Professor Lal looked like her faerie self, not her glamoured appearance,” Roe said. “But that might have just been my vision, because I know what she really looks like.”

“I hope she’s not going to take off her glamour in front of everyone,” Edie said, frowning. “Is there something that could happen to force her glamour off, or to show everyone the truth?”

“I don’t think so,” Dawn said. “All the glamour protections seem to be pretty individual.”

“It could just be that I’m going to touch a four-leaf clover while watching her,” Roe said. “I doubt it’s going to be anything that interesting, especially if this is happening tomorrow. It seems like the more mundane my visions are, the sooner they’re going to happen. If she wasn’t talking to the students until Friday for graduation, then it might be something more interesting.”

Corrie shook her head. “I hope if she’s going to talk to all the students, she’s going to tell them that the killer’s been caught and everyone is safe. I thought there would be an email about it this morning, but I haven’t seen anything.”


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  1. Hmmm, that vision looks more like they have decided to reveal that faeries are real… 😕

    …so, on to summer break 🙂

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