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Hi readers! I wrote a post on my Patreon page asking for your feedback on what you’d like to see over there. I’m not getting comments on the prompt posts or the stories, which makes me think that those are not what people are supporting me for. That’s OK–I just want to find out what readers would like!

So, if you would head over there and leave me a comment, I’d really appreciate it!

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Chatoyant College Book 13: Chapter 27: One Week

Thursday, May 18

Now that over a week had passed since Elrath’s death, the campus seemed to have relaxed somewhat. Corrie hadn’t heard any rumors or questions in a couple of days. Maybe they really had managed to forget about Elrath.

After all, it had never been only the magic on campus that kept people from understanding that faeries were real and lived there. The magic had just been enhancing the natural capability of the human mind to ignore things that didn’t fit in the world that they knew. If students had seen faeries day after day, eventually they would have had to admit that something strange was going on, but the vast majority of students didn’t have that much contact with faeries. So by the time they saw something else strange, they’d forgotten about the first thing.

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Chatoyant College Book 13: Chapter 25: Golden Evening

Zip and her friends didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that Edie wasn’t quite sitting with them. “Mark, want to start your story over so Edie can hear it?” Zip said.

“Sure,” said a boy with light brown hair and pale eyes—paler than the rest of the group, anyway—who was leaning back on his elbows in the grass. “So over the summers I work at my dad’s shoe store. Last summer on my last day of work it’s pretty quiet and this woman comes in. I’m sitting behind the counter reading a magazine because, come on, it’s boring. So I’m not paying attention to her.” A few of the listeners grinned.

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Chatoyant College Book 12: Chapter 35: The Practical Portion

Wednesday, April 26

Edie actually woke up early that morning, something she hardly ever did—she usually stayed up later than she intended to at night, so that it was hard to drag herself out of bed when her alarm went off. But today, even though she hadn’t gone to bed any earlier than usual, it was hard to stay asleep; she got up before her alarm.

She was actually ready to go at the same time as Corrie, and they walked to breakfast together. “What are you so bouncy about today?” Corrie asked her.

Edie grinned. “Midterms are over. We start practical magic in Ginny’s class today.”

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Chatoyant College Book 12: Chapter 34: Tell Me

For the first time since they had sat down, Leila was not calm. Her eyes widened, and she jerked her head back, as though to get a better look at Edie and everything around her. Her hand jerked a little in Edie’s, too, but neither of them let go.

“Elrath is going to do what to the magic?”

Edie tightened her grip on Leila’s hand a little. “He says he’s going to change it back so that—so that things are better for him. He doesn’t like that people think he’s weird—he got used to the magic smoothing everything over so no one would think about him being a faerie.”

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