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Book 1: New Student Orientation – Now at Smashwords

If you’ve been wanting an ebook copy of your own–in any format, not just the PDF I used to offer for donations–it’s now available at Smashwords!

The book is set to pay-as-you-wish, so please feel free to download it for free. However, if you want to tip me for writing the story by paying for a download, I’d be happy about that as well 🙂

The other books are coming to Smashwords, and will hopefully take less time, except that I need to get covers made for them, and in some cases, actually create titles…

I also want to do some more work on this website to make it easier to use in the meantime. If anyone happens to know of a plugin or theme for WordPress (I’m not sure if one or both would do the trick) that would automatically create links within each chapter’s post to the next and previous chapters, please let me know!


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