State of the Patreon

Hi readers! I wrote a post on my Patreon page asking for your feedback on what you’d like to see over there. I’m not getting comments on the prompt posts or the stories, which makes me think that those are not what people are supporting me for. That’s OK–I just want to find out what readers would like!

So, if you would head over there and leave me a comment, I’d really appreciate it!


5 thoughts on “State of the Patreon”

  1. Well, I rarely visit the patreon site – except to add, manage or delete a pledge – so, I am not really commenting there – sorry.

    …and I do use patreon to support authors/artists – but not really to get some perks…

    1. That’s totally fair! I appreciate your feedback 🙂

      Would you be interested in reading the short stories if they were posted on this site as well? I was thinking I would password-protect them and put the password in the Patreon post, so only patrons can get them, but I guess that wouldn’t work for you if you don’t even look at Patreon.

      1. Well, I would be interested in reading them 🙂

        Well, it would work if you just announce here that you posted the password at patreon (maybe with link?) – to go there to get the password is no problem…

        1. I wonder if the post would show up on the site saying “this post is password-protected,” so that you’d at least know it was there. I guess I’ll have to experiment in October!

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