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Chatoyant College Interlude: 10: Darcy to Theresa


Yay, it’s official! We’re both going to State in the fall!

I know what you mean about feeling like a failure. Some of my friends from high school don’t understand—though of course I didn’t tell them about the faeries. Still, you’d think the fact that there was a murderer on campus for weeks without being caught was enough.

Have you told anyone about the faeries? I still don’t know if I really believe it. I know what I saw, but I also know they can do magic.

Maybe if I kept going and taking magic classes, I’d know more about how magic illusions work and I’d be able to tell if they were really using one or not. But it doesn’t seem worth it, not for the risk and not for the potential of learning. I haven’t even been able to light a candle since I’ve been home. Ginny did warn us that magic would be a lot harder off of the Chatoyant College campus, and I was never really that good at it, but it makes me wonder, was any of it ever real?

It will be easier to focus at State anyway. They have that great Communications program. And it’s really nice to know that I’ll already have a friend there!



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