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I apologize–I forgot to include a link to sign up for the mailing list in my last post! I promise that I will not send frivolous or chatty emails to the list; it is only for announcements of new books and sales. Mailing list subscribers will receive exclusive discounts and maybe even free, exclusive books in the future.

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Coming Soon: A Star to Guide Her

I know this blog has been quiet. Sorry! I can never think of anything to post about if it isn’t updating you on the status of my books.

But now I do have an update for you: a YA fantasy trilogy I’ve been working on, A Star to Guide Her, is coming soon! Book 1 is not quite ready for public consumption, but look for it in the next week. (I’ll post here when it’s published, of course.) I’ve written and edited them all already so I can publish them in quick succession, in hopes of gaining some visibility and readership that way. Not to mention that I know the frustration of having to wait a long time in between books in a series and not necessarily remembering what happened in previous books…

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Next book coming… eventually

I’ve had some life rolls this summer. Some of them are good news–I have a day job now! Though it’s bad news if you’re waiting for more fiction from me, as I’ll probably slow down in my writing. The sequel to Love As It Was Meant to Be is definitely not coming out in August now–sorry! I did think I’d be able to get the editing done, but I’m not getting much of anything done now. Look for it in September. It’s about Hemlock (Tuga) growing up a little more in Atash, with Journey as a more minor character. I hope you’ll enjoy it when it does come out!


New novelette: Golden Hearts

The last thing Sher expects when she heads out on a mission for the Revolution is to fall in love. But she has a power that doesn’t let her rest: she can see the connections between people, whatever they may be, and as soon as she meets the inventor Melowren they fall in love. Despite the fact that they’re different species, despite the fact that one can fly and the other is afraid of heights, despite the fact that war is about to break out any day: they’ve found each other, and they’ll cling together.

Melowren joins the Revolution, but the fight against the tyrannous queen is only the beginning of their problems. Between those they trust and those they shouldn’t, those who trust them and those who won’t, all Sher and Mel can do is hold onto each other for dear life.

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Christmas Changeling now at B&N

“The Christmas Changeling” has gone through the approval process at Barnes & Noble. You can find it here!

I’m also amused by my sales pattern. So far, Love As It Was Made to Be and “The Christmas Changeling” have each sold six copies. Love sold one at Smashwords and five at Amazon; “The Christmas Changeling” sold five at Smashwords and one at Amazon.

Edit: Never mind. Apparently those five “Christmas Changeling” sales at Smashwords were fraudulent somehow and were refunded; I’ve sold another copy, but that just means I’ve sold one at Smashwords and one at Amazon. A much less interesting sales pattern! (Oddly, Smashwords is still telling me that I’ve sold six copies, which is confusing to say the least.)