New novelette: Golden Hearts

The last thing Sher expects when she heads out on a mission for the Revolution is to fall in love. But she has a power that doesn’t let her rest: she can see the connections between people, whatever they may be, and as soon as she meets the inventor Melowren they fall in love. Despite the fact that they’re different species, despite the fact that one can fly and the other is afraid of heights, despite the fact that war is about to break out any day: they’ve found each other, and they’ll cling together.

Melowren joins the Revolution, but the fight against the tyrannous queen is only the beginning of their problems. Between those they trust and those they shouldn’t, those who trust them and those who won’t, all Sher and Mel can do is hold onto each other for dear life.

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3 thoughts on “New novelette: Golden Hearts”

    1. Hi mjkj! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for the review!

      I always intended for this story to have an open ending, and I currently have no plans for a sequel. However, I never say never, and it’s certainly possible that someday I’ll feel inspired to tell more of Sher and Melowren’s story!

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