Chatoyant College, Chatoyant College Interlude: Summer Break

Chatoyant College Interlude: 5: Edie to Dawn

Hi Dawn!

Summer seems so long. It never felt this long when I was in high school—probably because summer is shorter in high school. Jacob and Leah aren’t even out of school yet and I’m already bored.

Well, it might not just be boredom. I miss you guys, and I miss Chatoyant College. I’m nervous about what I’m going to do if the school really does shut down.

I’m half-heartedly looking for a summer job. Working would certainly fill the time, and it would be nice to have the extra money, but I’ve never actually had a job before. You’re probably working hard and filling your days, huh? Do you have a summer job?

I wish I could take summer classes. That would be much more my speed. I don’t think Chatoyant does that even under normal circumstances, though.

Maybe I could take some kind of correspondence course.

Instead, I’ve been spending my time reading a lot and knitting a lot. I got a couple of audiobooks out of the library and it’s been fun to knit while listening. It’s like I’m multitasking, though they’re just fantasy stories, so I’m not really learning anything. Next time I’ll look for some nonfiction books so I can feel productive.

I just finished a hat for Roe. Wait until you see it—it’s really cute, pink with cables that look like hearts. She asked for something cutesy so I think she’ll like it.

Do you want me to knit anything for you? Hat, scarf, sweater? I might ask you to pay for the yarn if you want something big like a sweater, but it’s really fun to knit for friends. And like I said, I’m bored, so a big project might be nice. I could send you some links to patterns if you have an idea of what you would like. Or you could give me an idea and I could surprise you.

Well, you can tell I’m bored because I’m writing you this everlasting email. You probably don’t even have time to read it. Write back whenever you feel like it.



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