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End of Book 12

Book 12 of Chatoyant College, Reemergence, is now complete.

I know there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. That’s why I may be taking a longer hiatus than usual between books, to figure out what exactly needs to happen in Book 13. I already have a pretty good idea of the major plot, but I’d like to plan some of the details, as well.

I don’t know exactly how long my hiatus will need to be, but I’ll make another blog post before Book 13 starts and you’ll see the first chapter (or the prologue, if there is one) both here and at Wattpad.

In the meantime, I’ll package Book 12 up as an ebook. That will be pay-what-you-wish on Smashwords, just like the others, but Patreon patrons will have access to it before anyone else. If you want that ebook first, become a patron!

I’m also working on turning the earlier books into ebooks as well. Book 4 is already available to Patreon patrons, and will be on Smashwords soon.

Talk to you in a few weeks! (Or sooner than that, if you follow my Patreon–there will be a Perennials story free to everyone this month, as well as the usual monthly patron-only story. I’m posting other goodies for patrons, too!)


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